DIQ-18.2 Release Notes

Release 18.2 brings about full end-to-end recording of all inbound calls using Dial-IQ. It resolves the previous problem of capturing succinct call recordings.


Simplified Recording

Each inbound call is now located in one recording URL. The recording captures the information that the caller hears (known as the Contact Leg), and it no longer contains extraneous information, such as portions of other calls, or information that the agent hears (known as the Agent Leg).


The single URL makes it easier to identify all call recordings from a list of all recorded calls. In addition, users no longer need to match the recording of the agent leg and the contact leg in order to get the complete call recording for any given call.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Included

The recording now captures all interactive voice response (IVR) activity. Examples of IVR activity that will be recorded include: messages played to the client, hold music, external dialing, and answer machine activity.

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