LeadManager - 18.2.1 Release Notes


Feature Enhancements

Highlight Matching Entries on Search Results Page

In addition to lead searches on all fields, starting with this release, matching lead entries will be highlighted on the search results page. To use this feature, type your entry in the Search field located at the top left of the LeadManager header. When the results page displays, matching search results will be highlighted in yellow.


NOTE: Only visible fields will be highlighted. To add or remove field columns from the lead pages, go to (Menu)> Client Settings> Lead View: Columns.


Updated Delivery/Drip Settings page for Email 

A new radio button has been added to the Delivery/Drip Settings page for emails in the Status Trigger section to set either an automatic or manual trigger.


This radio button will only appear for emails and only when the trigger is a status change. The default selection is Automatic.


SMS Templates with Legacy Non-Form Builder Fields or Phone Numbers

When a legacy template is converted to new SMS, phone numbers will be listed following the logic listed below:

  • If any of the phone numbers are within the Primary SMS phone number list, Primary is listed as the target number in the template. The old template target numbers will be deleted.
  • If no numbers are primary, the first listed number is used.
  • If it is a form builder phone-type field, name of the field is displayed.
  • If it is not a form-builder phone-type field, Other is displayed. The existing field is displayed to the right of the drop-down list and is not editable.
  • You cannot update/save template with Other displaying as recipient (you can only Cancel).


Calendar Event SMS Reminders

The following updates to reminder management are included in this release:

  • No past due messages: If an event has already passed, a reminder is no longer sent.
  • SMS reminders are disabled when message body is empty/has not been specified.
  • The following message is displayed to administrators indicating that SMS reminders cannot be used unless content is set in client settings.
    Please go to Client Settings, SMS Settings tab and set a Reminder Message before selecting an SMS reminder.


Fixed Issues

  • Encompass Sync: Loans not synced and an error appeared in the logs.
  • Pull Preview page missing the Text messages tab (page bottom).
  • In the Search view (mobile edition), clicking outside the Search field did not collapse the Search field and remove Cancel.
  • Inbound Call Recordings for Dial Applet: For inbound calls via the dial applet (on instances where call recording was enabled), calls were not being recorded.
  • SMS to lead could be created after first SMS template was sent to non-lead object: This has been fixed so that users are no longer able to message a lead until an SMS template is sent to the lead.
  • Error displayed when maximum number of channels (250) is achieved on SMS: This has been fixed to increase the maximum number of channels. In addition, conversations that are more than seven days old are now automatically archived.
  • Manage Milestones page not displayed for Users.
  • Leads view pages were accessible from the [View All] page in the new header although the Leads permission was disabled for that user.
  • Automatic Posts and SMS were not sent after Duplicate Merge: Automatic posts and SMS templates associated with a status were not sending after leads were merged through duplicate management and the status was updated in the merge process.
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