LoanEngage 18.2.1 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

Automated New Email Setting Application

New email templates were introduced with LoanEngage Release 18.2. With this release, the new templates will automatically replace the existing legacy templates, enabling HTML editing on standard templates and disabling of the legacy templates.


Any custom emails or customization to the new standard emails will be maintained without change. This action will cause the existing drip campaign settings to be reapplied without any need for manual copying or disruption to active leads in mid-campaigns – Pre-contact, Contacted-nurture or Post-close.


Updated Delivery/Drip Settings Page for Email

A new radio button has been added to the Delivery/Drip Settings page for emails in the Status Trigger section to set either an automatic or manual trigger.


This radio button will only appear for emails and only when the trigger is a status change. The default selection is Automatic.


SMS Templates with Legacy Non-Form Builder Fields or Phone Numbers

When a legacy template is converted to new SMS, phone numbers will be listed following the logic listed below:

  • If any of the phone numbers are within the Primary SMS phone number list, Primary is listed as the target number in the template. The old template target numbers will be deleted.
  • If no numbers are primary, the first listed number is used.
  • If it is a form builder phone-type field, name of the field is displayed.
  • If it is not a form-builder phone-type field, Other is displayed. The existing field is displayed to the right of the drop-down list and is not editable.
  • You cannot update/save template with Other displaying as recipient (you can only Cancel).



Fixed Issues

  • System limitation for active use of partner fields (tags): Prior to this release, system limitations prevented the active use of partner fields (tags) especially those labeled {lead.partner.XXX}. This has been fixed so that partner field tags can now be used in custom created emails.
  • Encompass Sync: Loans not synced and an error appeared in the logs.
  • Partner Portal: Selecting a partner from the partner list was not highlighting the selection.
  • Pull Preview page missing the Text messages tab (page bottom).
  • HTML email preview: Images incorrectly rendered in Chrome and Firefox.
  • SMS to lead could be created after first SMS template was sent to non-lead object: This has been fixed so that users are no longer able to message a lead until an SMS template is sent to the lead.
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