Velocify Pulse 18.2.2 - June Service Pack Release Notes



The following Timeline-related issues were fixed with this release:

  • Drop-down filter list (in Event or Task page) displayed the event and/or task name instead of generic value like Event or Task
  • Actions drop down list displayed the latest actions taken instead of the Actions option, such as:
  • Log of Action Taken by the user. This includes Actions that are automatically logged.
  • Automatic Status Changes
    • Log of record Status changes based on Velocify Actions.
  • Call Activities
    • Log of Inbound and Outbound calls, and Call Transfers.
  • Distribution Assignments
    • Log of Record ownership changes made through Distribution Programs
  • Emails
    • Log of Email Send/receive for Emails sent through Email Composer.
  • Events
    • Displays Salesforce Events
  • Field Changes
    • Displays salesforce field history tracking change
    • Whenever this reports the same data as an owner/status change, the other log (which contains more details) will generally take precedence.
  • Manual Assignments
    • Displays manual Ownership changes, or ownership changes that are not driven by a Velocify Distribution Program.
  • Manual Status Changes
    • Manual change of the status field for any object *other* than opportunity
  • Manual Stage Changes
    • Displays manual change of the Stage field on an Opportunity
  • Past Due
    • Displays Salesforce Tasks where the task due date/time is in the past
  • Tasks
    • Displays Salesforce Tasks where the task due date/time has not yet passed


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