LeadManager - 18.3 - Release Notes


New Features

Encompass CRM Sync

The Velocify 18.3 Major Release provides a more integrated experience between Encompass CRM and Velocify LeadManager. Leads created in LeadManager are being exported to Encompass CRM instantaneously, with more than 100 fields synchronized between the two applications. This is a one-way data sync from LeadManager to Encompass CRM; the lead can only be edited in LeadManager.


NOTE: Available to pilot program participants only. Functionality will be available to all customers in a future release.



Velocify Leads must satisfy the following criteria for a successful sync to Encompass CRM:

  • First Name, Last Name, and Email


  • Assigned to a user mapped to Encompass CRM





Records exported from LeadManager will be created as Leads in Encompass CRM.




Encompass CRM Single Sign On (SSO)

Starting with this release, Encompass CRM and Velocify LeadManager users can access both the applications using a single set of login credentials. You must enable pop-ups in your browser for SSO to work.


NOTE: Available to pilot program participants only. Functionality will be available to all customers in a future release.


To Access Encompass CRM from LeadManager:

  1. From your Velocify LeadManager instance, click the Encompass CRM link on the top right corner of your page.

  • This launches your mapped Encompass CRM instance.


NOTE: If your Velocify and Encompass CRM instances have not been mapped, the Encompass CRM login page will display. Enter your credentials to log into Encompass CRM and map your accounts. Authentication will be required for both the applications only for the first time you attempt to log into the applications. For subsequent logins, authentication will no longer be required and you can switch between the applications seamlessly.




Feature Enhancements


Rearranged My Reports Tab and new My Reports Page


The My Reports tab (previously Star Reports) has been moved from the Dashboard page and is now available on the main LeadManager header after the Leads tab.


When you click the My Reports tab, the My Reports page is displayed. This page will look and feel like the existing Custom Reports page, but will only display your assigned reports.



For full access to custom reports, administrators can go to Menu> Custom Reports. If a user has no associated reports, the My Reports tab will not be displayed.



Updated Velocify by Ellie Mae Logo

The Velocify logo on the top left of the LeadManager header has been updated to the new Velocify by Ellie Mae logo.




Redesigned Leads/Calls Buttons

The Leads and Calls (if Dial-IQ is enabled) button at the top left of every page has been modified from a button to a toggle to display if the feature is enabled/disabled.




Sorting on Search Results

With the LeadManager 18.2 release, users were not able to sort their search results by column headers. This functionality has been restored so that when you search across multiple fields (e.g. first name and last name), the most likely results are displayed first. You can then sort the results by column header.


Expanded Fields for Use in Email and Other Campaigns

LeadManager has expanded the current field options under Client Settings to better fuel pre-populated outbound email or SMS communications for custom campaigning and to support an even increasing list of content offerings in future releases.

The highlights of theses expansions are:

  • Company with 18 fields added: 8 alternative URLs for redirecting consumers, Company's own Unsubscribe URL and 10 other compliance enrichment options alternatives
  • User with 2 fields added; (User Branch Name, User DBA Name)


Campaign Renamed to Lead Source

Field name Campaign has been updated to Lead Source. Existing use of Campaign (filters, reports, field tags, API calls, etc.) will still be supported, only the interface has been updated to reflect the new field name.



Change in Password Expiration Requirements

To ensure account security, Velocify will require all databases to set a password expiration of 180 days. You can decrease this so that your passwords expire before 180 days.

To update your password settings, go to Menu >Client Settings> Password Requirements.



Password expiration must be between 10 and 180 days. With the Velocify 18.3 release, you will not be forced to update your password. Your password will expire 180 days after the release occurs. If you have already set a password expiration between 10 and 180 days, that setting will be preserved.



SMS Sound Notification

A sound will play when a new SMS message is received from a lead. The User assigned to the lead will hear the sound.


Number of Duplicate Leads Now Limited to Ten

Starting with this release, the number of duplicates on a lead have been reduced to ten. For example, if there are 10 duplicate leads, and an 11th lead is added, the oldest duplicate lead will now be replaced by the 11th lead, keeping the total of duplicate records to 10.



Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed with this release:


  • Verify Email Link: The Verify Email link in the user notification panel was broken so that you could not verify your email address without administrator help.


  • Distribution Global Filters Occasionally Disobeyed: The global filters set on distribution programs were occasionally disobeyed on some instances.


  • SMS Fields in UTC Time Zone in Custom Reports: The SMS fields added in 18.2 were displaying UTC time when accessing the data using custom reports. This has been addressed so that it reflects your time zone.


  • Communication Settings Access for Standard Edition Clients: LeadManager Standard Edition 18.2.1 customers had access to the Settings tab of a Post, SMS, or Email template. With LeadManager 18.3 release, this access has been removed.


  • Lead SMS Replies Did Not Populate in Chat Window: This has been fixed so that clients can now receive SMS messages.


  • Possible Now Integration and Do Not Call (DNC) Phone Numbers Appending Extra Digits to Lead Phone Numbers: This has been fixed to allow sending SMS messages to lead phone numbers; ability to send to DNC/expired Possible Now numbers via template will be addressed in a future release.
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