LeadManager 18.3.1 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

New Custom Reports


Starting with the Velocify LeadManager by Ellie Mae 18.3.1 Release, the ReportHub tab will be removed, and all reports, including the ones that were previously listed under ReportHub, will be listed under the Custom Reports, providing a consolidated location for all reports.


NOTE: This enhancement applies only to existing ReportHub users.



The following new Custom Reports are also included with this release:

  • User Management Data
  • Lead Source Performance
  • Contact Performance
  • Call Quality Data


Create Custom Reports

Use the new custom reports to create reports based on dates, export the reports, and use the data in your BI tools.


To Generate Custom Reports:


*Custom Report creation and modifications are accessible to Velocify Administrators only.



1. Click your profile on the top right corner of any LeadManager page. 

    From the Reporting option, click Custom Reports.




2. On the Custom Reports page, optionally click the Base Data header to sort your custom reports.




3.  Navigate to the new custom reports.




4.  Click Run corresponding to the report you want to generate.




5. On the Custom Reports panel, click in the blank field to view the drop-down calendar.





6. Use the month and year drop-down fields to select your date-based filters.


    NOTE: You must select a date for the filter to apply.




7. Click the Run Report button.



  • This displays the report results in the panel below.




Export Reports

Use the active buttons located on top of the generated report to export the report in different formats. You can use the data downloaded in Excel spreadsheets and apply them in your BI (Business Intelligence) tools. The following export options are available:

  • Export to Text: for a comma delimited format of the report
  • Export to Excel: for an MS Excel spreadsheet of the report
  • View Printable Report: for a printable format of the report




To Export Reports in Excel Format:


1. Click the Export to Excel button.




2. Use the options in the Opening <reportname> window to:


    • Open the report
    • Select the format in which to open the report
    • Save the report on your hard drive
    • Save this selection for future report generations





3. When you are done with your selections, click the OK button.




After you have generated and viewed your reports, click the Return to Custom Reports button on the top right corner of the page to go back to the Custom Reports menu.




Sample Custom Reports Walkthrough

This section provides a quick overview of two custom reports – Contact Performance and Lead Source Performance.


Contact Performance: When you select a date range and run the report, the results display each of the days contact has been made, how many leads were contacted, and so on.




Lead Source Performance: When you select a date range and run the report, the results display all the key metrics associated with the lead sources such as how many leads were converted, how long it took to convert, percentages, and so on.




For more information on Custom Reports, see Feature-Overviews



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