Velocify LoanEngage 18.4 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

New Lead Provider Performance Report 

A new Lead Provider Performance Report has been added under the Custom Reports menu. This report, designed for mortgage customers using Encompass, enables you to view aggregated lead data based on the lead source for Lead to Loan Close stages of the loan.



To leverage this report, both of the following criteria will need to be met:

  • Velocify milestones are mapped to corresponding Encompass milestones
  • Fields added with the Velocify 18.3 release (to match corresponding fields in Encompass and Encompass CRM) are available in the instance.


The Lead Provider Performance Report is not automatically displayed in the list of Custom Reports. Velocify administrators will need to manually create the report.



To Create a Lead Provider Performance Report:


    1. Log in as a Velocify administrator.


    2. From the Menu tab, point to Reporting and then click Custom Reports.



    3. Click the Create New Report button.




   4. On the Step 1 page, select and name your report.

  •     Go to the Base Data drop-down field and select Lead Provider Performance.



  • In the Report Title field, type a name of the report.
  • Click the Step 2 button


5. On the Step 2 page, add filters to your report (optional).



  • From the Column drop-down list, select system or custom fields.


  • Select operators and values.


  • Click the Add Filter button to include additional filters.
  • Click the Save & Run button to save your report details and run the report.


NOTE: For more information on Custom Reports, see the LoanEngage 18.3.1 Release Notes.


Messages Displayed When SMS Fails to Send

Starting with this release, when an SMS text fails to send/deliver, one the following messages will display to the sender of the text, depending on the scenario:

  • No valid number given (if the phone number is not valid)
  • Send Failed
  • Cannot send or receive images (this applies to MMS messages)


Updated Description of Inbound Call Distribution Setting

The inbound calls setting description was updated for better understanding and clarity.


This setting defines the maximum number of rings for which a caller will wait while distribution finds an available user.


NOTE: This setting applies only to Dial-IQ: Inbound Distribution Method for Shotgun Lead Distributions.


To Access the Maximum Number of Rings Setting:


1. From the Menu tab, point to Lead Management, and then click Lead Distribution.




2. On the Distribution Programs tab,

  • Click the Edit link corresponding to the distribution program you want to update.




3. In the Program Details tab, go to the Sub-Category drop-down field

  • Select Dial-IQ: Inbound to view the following setting:
  • Allow distribution to run for [X] rings. (One ring runs for 6 seconds)



Fixed Issues


The following issues were fixed with this release:


  • SMS Long Code Numbers are no longer allowed in Dial-IQ Phone Field: When you attempt to use the SMS Long Code Number as a Dial IQ Phone field value, the following message will display when you click Apply or Save:
    This number is not available
  • Minimized SMS message window now notifies the user with a blinking blue display when a new message is received.
  • Automated reminder text messages will now be sent to users even if their SMS feature is disabled – Select the Text (SMS) check box in the Calendar Events window when you create the event to receive the reminders.
  • Automatic calendar reminders now display the correct date and time for scenarios where the event has already taken place.
  • Call History API now returns all pages.
  • Normal View and Priority View buttons are now displayed when you click Cancel on the Lead Add/Edit page.
  • Custom Reports - Error message no longer displayed when you edit a custom report.
  • SMS Stale Channel Management – SMS channels are now archived when they have been inactive for the prescribed time span. They are reconstituted when the conversation reactivates.


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