Velocify Pulse 19.1 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

New Logo

Starting in this 19.1 release, a new Pulse logo is now featured throughout the application.



SMS Texting

Instant text messaging in Velocify Pulse is now available. This provides you an additional channel to use to correspond with leads and contacts from within the Priority View or within the Velocify section of your Details page in Pulse. You can send and receive text messages from Prospects’ mobile phones and view the entire chat history within the Pulse Priority View.


The new Text option is now available as primary action, along with Call and Email provided in earlier versions of Pulse. Click the Text option to open the Text message window.


Note: Pulse administrators can use the Object Configuration settings to indicate the phone field that the system uses to determine which phone number to send SMS text messages. For more information, see To Indicate the Phone Field to Use for SMS Text Messages .



When corresponding with a lead or contact, a character counter is displayed at the bottom of Text message window.



  • The counter displays 0/500 by default, and then increments by one with every character typed.
  • When the character counter reaches 500/500, no more characters can be typed.
  • Editing or backspacing that deletes characters decrements the counter and enables more typing if less than 500 characters have already been typed.
  • Sending a Text message resets the character counter to 0/500.

With a lead or contact selected, you can click the Chat tab in the HUD (left panel) to view the text messaging history with that lead or contact. You can also type a new message.



Click the Compose icon on this tab to start a new text message with a different lead or contact.




When viewing text activity in the HUD (left panel), you can click the Archive icon to remove text messages that are more than seven days old from this view. These text messages will still be available to view in the Timeline view.


To archive older messages, click the Archive icon, and then confirm the archival of these messages.



To view a timeline of the text messages you have received, go to the Lead Detail page and click the Timeline tab. Use the scroll bars on the right to view earlier messages and their details.



You can also reply to a text message from the Timeline tab by clicking the Reply link in the Text Received record.


NOTE: Text message is an add-on and requires an additional fee to enable the feature. Contact your account manager if you want to avail of this function.


To Indicate the Phone Field to Use for SMS Text Messages:


1. From the Velocify Admin tab, point to Settings, then click Object Configuration.




2. In the Text Phone Field section, indicate the field to use for sending SMS text messages.


In this example, the Lead record has been set up to use the number in the Mobile Phone field  when sending SMS text messages.


  • Click the additional tabs at the top (Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, etc.) to configure the Text Phone Fields for those areas as needed.




Additional Space Now Provided for the HUD in the Lightning Experience

For Lightning Experience users in Pulse, additional space is now available in the HUD for a better experience when using the Taking Action feature and accessing the Priority View.




Optional Sound Notifications Available for Shotgun Programs

With this release, you have the ability to trigger a notification sound each time you receive a shotgun notification. To support this feature, a new Audio option has been provided in the Dialer Settings section in the HUD settings. The shotgun notification can also be configured on a per user basis.


To Configure Shotgun Notifications:


1. Click the Settings icon on your HUD.



2. In the Dialer Settings section, click the Audio ON/OFF toggle button to enable/disable notifications.


Note: Only one audio sound (a series of short chimes) is available with this release.


System Performance Improvements


The following system performance improvements have been implemented with the Pulse 19.1 release:


  • Improved Data Syncing: Reduction in data sync processing time and data sync errors that could occur when syncing data.
  • Reduced VRHI Recalculation Time: Velocify Record History Items (VRHI), which are individual records that detail actions that have taken place in the system (such as actions logs, Calls, send and receive email and text), are often automatically refreshed and recalculated by the system based on activities within the system. The recalculation time for these items has been reduced.
  • Updates to Insights Panel: The spacing between the widgets, as well as their size and locations on this panel, has been improved for easier use and better user experience.
  • Improved On-Click Browser Notification: When receiving a shotgun notification or any other inbound communication, some users receive a pop-up notification from their browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome) before receiving a Pulse notification. You can now click the notification from the browser to accept the lead or communication and the system recognizes and processes this acceptance in Pulse.



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