LeadManager 19.1 April Service Pack

Feature Enhancements

Rules for New Passwords

Updated Password Reset Criteria

Starting with the Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.1 March Service Pack release, new reset passwords will satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • At least 9 characters long
  • Contain all of the following:
    • Number
    • Upper case letter
    • Special character


For example: Pass7!word


NOTE: When a user clicks the Forgot Password? link on the login page, an email with a new password will be sent to the email address associated with their Velocify login. This reset password satisfies the new password requirements.



View Printable Report Update

View Printable Report Page Now Displays the First 100 Records Only

Prior to this release, when you clicked the View Printable Report button on a custom report, all the results were displayed on one page. This functionality has been updated to display only the first 100 records to help enhance performance and stability.

For more information on Custom Reports, see Custom Reports: Detailed Review



Inbound Call Recording

Increased Inbound Call Recording Time Interval

Inbound call recording starts when a call is answered. In some rare cases, calls that were taking longer than expected to answer may have missed the recording window. The inbound call recording initiation window has been increased to address this issue.



Fixed Issues

SMS-Specific Lead Search

Unable to Perform SMS -Specific Lead Search

Some Velocify instances experienced issues when users attempted to search for leads in the SMS chat window, because SMS was not yet fully activated. This has been fixed so that only when SMS is fully activated and configured, can users see the SMS chat window and search for leads in their SMS chat windows.


Pull Leads

Pull Leads Button Caching Issue

On some Velocify instances, clicking the ON|OFF Leads button resulted in a latency in changing the status between ON and OFF. This has been fixed so that when a user clicks the ON|OFF button, the status of the button is updated sooner.




Dial-IQ: Softphone

Missing Pre-Call and End-Call Chimes

For customers using Velocify’s Dial-IQ dialer, Pre-Call and End-Call chimes with the Dial-IQ Softphone were missing in some cases, and as a result, users could not identify when a call was connected and/or disconnected. This has been fixed.



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