LeadManager 19.2 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

URLA/ULAD Updates for Mortgage Users

A redesigned version of the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), also known as the Fannie Mae Form 1003 or the Freddie Mac Form 65, is replacing the 2009 version of the URLA effective February 1, 2020. Lenders can begin using the new URLA on loans originated on or after July 1, 2019. The Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.2 release supports the URLA updates and helps ensure a smooth transition for users. Lenders are recommended to immediately start reviewing their operational procedures and systems for potential impacts.


For more information, see Velocify by Ellie Mae LeadManager - Get Ready for URLA Guide


SMS Notification Update

Flashing Header for New SMS from Leads

Starting with the Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.2 release, the SMS header blinks indicating that a lead has sent you a new message and the number on the header indicates the number of leads that have sent you messages that you have not yet read. The blinking stops after a few seconds and continues to display the number of unread conversations.

Once you interact with the messaging window (click in it), the green header will return to gray, indicating that you have acknowledged the unread conversations.


Audio Notifications for Dial-IQ Instances

Starting with the Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.2 release, audio/sound has been added to some alerts and notifications to enhance their visibility. The audio notifications are enabled by default. You have the ability to mute each type of notification. Once the current notification is muted, subsequent notifications for that alert type will be muted as well. You have the ability to unmute them later, in which case, future notifications will again be displayed with sound.


NOTE: The audio notifications are not configured by the administrator. They are enabled by default and each user can disable/enable sound for their alerts.


The following Shotgun notifications support audio alerts:

  • Incoming phone call: When an incoming phone call is distributed, it displays to all users who are available and eligible for the distribution program. You will now hear a sound, in addition to seeing the screen notification.
  • Transfers: If you are talking to a lead and need to transfer the lead to another user, if the distribution program uses Shotgun to find another user, the transfer will display to the eligible users, with a sound.


  • New lead: When a new lead enters the system, if the distribution program uses Shotgun, notifications will be displayed with a sound, to eligible users in the system.
  • Notification Prioritization: When you are on a lower priority phone call and a higher priority call/transfer or lead assignment is received via Shotgun, a notification with sound is displayed. You can stop the current phone call and receive the higher priority event.


You have the ability to mute the notifications when they are displayed to you.

To mute a notification, click the Speaker icon.



This will mute the current and future notifications for this type of alert only.



If you want to unmute the notification, click the Speaker icon when the alert is displayed.



Fixed Issues

The following issues were fixed with this release:

  • Scheduled Reports: Prior to this release, if the default text, Please see attached report… was removed from a scheduled report, the report was not sent. This has been fixed so that the default text is now indicated as mandatory information.
  • SMS Window: A blank SMS window was displayed on a few instances. This has been fixed so that the SMS window now displays as designed.
  • Average Call Volume Report: Prior to this release, the Average Call Volume Report displayed inaccurate data. This has been fixed so that data in the report matches the data in the application.
  • Email Opt Out: An issue occurred prior to this release where only one lead associated with an email address was struck out for email opt out. This has been fixed so that all leads associated with an email address are included in the email opt out request.
  • Encompass Sync: Prior to this release, for Velocify instances with the Encompass integration, when the loan officer assigned to a loan was updated in Encompass, the change was not reflected in Velocify. This has been fixed so that the Velocify user is updated after the Encompass sync.
  • Call Flow Confirmation Window: An issue occurred prior to this release where confirmation messages were displayed only intermittently for campaign and/or inbound call flow updates. This has been fixed so that the confirmation windows are displayed consistently with every update.
  • Email Drip Settings: An issue occurred prior to this release where the email template Delivery/Drip Settings were reset if the email body was updated. This has been fixed so that the delivery settings are retained if the email template body is modified.
  • Caller ID Settings: An issue occurred prior to this release where updates to the Caller ID (Overrides Company Caller ID) field were not saved. This has been fixed so that updates to the field are now saved and applied.
    NOTE: Users can access this setting from Preferences> My Settings; administrators can access it from Administration> Users & Groups> Manage Users> Options> Settings
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