Dial-IQ - 19.2 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

Audio Notifications

Starting with the Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.2 release, audio/sound has been added to some alerts and notifications to enhance their visibility. The audio notifications are enabled by default. You have the ability to mute each type of notification. Once the current notification is muted, subsequent notifications for that alert type will be muted as well. You have the ability to unmute them later, in which case, future notifications will again be displayed with sound.


NOTE: The audio notifications are not configured by the administrator. They are enabled by default and each user can disable/enable sound for their alerts.


The following Shotgun notifications support audio alerts:

  • Incoming phone call: When an incoming phone call is distributed, it displays to all users who are available and eligible for the distribution program. You will now hear a sound, in addition to seeing the screen notification.


Transfers: If you are talking to a lead and need to transfer the lead to another user, if the distribution program uses Shotgun to find another user, the transfer will display to the eligible users, with a sound.


New lead: When a new lead enters the system, if the distribution program uses Shotgun, notifications will be displayed with a sound, to eligible users in the system.


Notification Prioritization: When you are on a lower priority outbound phone call and a higher priority call/transfer or lead assignment is received via Shotgun, a notification with sound is displayed. You can stop the current phone call and receive the higher priority event.


You have the ability to mute the notifications when they are displayed to you.

To mute a notification, click the Speaker icon.



This will mute the current and future notifications for this type of alert only.



If you want to unmute the notification, click the Speaker icon when the alert is displayed.


Fixed Issues

  • Caller ID Settings: An issue occurred prior to this release where updates to the Caller ID (Overrides Company Caller ID) field were not saved. This has been fixed so that updates to the field are now saved and applied.
    NOTE: Users can access this setting from Preferences> My Settings; administrators can access it from Administration> Users & Groups> Manage Users> Options> Settings


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