LoanEngage - 19.2.1 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

Provider Report Sharing Removed from Lead Source Page

Starting with this release, lead source provider data sharing is no longer available.

To support this update, the Share Reports with Provider field on the Add/Edit Lead Source page is being removed.




SMS Updates

The following SMS updates are included with this release:

  • SMS Seat Limit: SMS column added to the Manage Users page enabling Velocify administrators to identify the users for whom SMS has been enabled.

License and User Counts: The header on the Manage Users page has been updated with counts to display the total number of Velocify, Dial-IQ and SMS licenses, as well as the number of seats of each in use.


Using this information, admins can manage the number of users within the licensed seat counts.




NOTE: To go to Manage Users page, click your name in the upper right of the header, and under Administration, click Users & Groups.

  • Resizable SMS Window: The SMS chat window edges/borders can now be dragged and pulled to adjust the window size for better usability and an enhanced user experience. 

Additional Information (Third Party Updates)

Updates by the following software products/services may have an impact to your Velocify instance:

  • Google Chrome: Chrome’s July 2019 release disables Flash by default. LoanEngage's inbound promo code applet (with MP3 upload option) relies on Flash. If your instance has an MP3/Flash configuration, you will need to manually enable Flash on your browser.
  • Twilio: Starting on September 30, 2019, Twilio will expand IP ranges used for SIP-based phone (Voice) services. If you are whitelisting IP addresses, you will need to update your whitelist to incorporate these new ranges.
    NOTE: If you are not whitelisting IP addresses, no action is required. This update impacts Velocify clients using Dial-IQ with IP who whitelist IP ranges only, and does not impact SMS.
    • Twilio will expand IP addresses that media servers use to send media for phone calls such as SIP, WebRTC, SIP phones, and softphone.
    • IPs are published – you can white list the published IPs.
    • If you are white-listing and do not add the new ranges, when Twilio rolls out the new IP pools, your calls might degrade or stop working.

See Also
Chrome's July 2019 Release Notes:

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Media IP Pool Expansion:

Twilio Client Regions:

NOTE: The above resources/links are publicly available content published by non-Ellie Mae enterprises such as Chromium, Google, and Twilio.

Fixed Issues

The following issues were fixed with this release

  • Encompass Sync: An issue occurred on some Velocify instances where the Encompass Sync did not run as expected and as a result, leads were not updated. This has been fixed.
  • Dialing from Calendar Event Reminders: An issue occurred prior to this release with calendar event reminder windows displaying multiple phone numbers. When users attempted to dial a number in the window, the last number was called instead of the selected phone number. This has been fixed so that the correct phone number is dialed from the calendar event reminder window.
  • SMS Log Data (Lead Log Reports): An issue occurred on some instances of Velocify where custom reports included only the SMS template data and not the SMS chat logs. This has been fixed so that the Leads Log data now displays both SMS chat log and template data.


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