Velocify Pulse 19.3 Major Release Notes

New Features

Support Person Accounts

Use Person Accounts to create contact strategies on both traditional business accounts and individual/person accounts. Person accounts are configured like Custom Objects, with their own set of configurations and synced fields.

  1. If your org has Person Accounts enabled, you will see a ‘Person Accounts’ tab in Object Configuration. Map fields as appropriate for this object.
    Note: Fields that contain an asterisk (*) next to them indicate a Related record field.

  2. Define export Criteria for Person Accounts
    1. It is suggested to include the Person Account Record Type ID
      Note: You may also want to add Criteria on the Account Object to Exclude the Person Account record Type.



  1. Select the Statuses associated with Person Accounts that you want to use in your Engagement Strategy.



  1. Select the fields you would like to use in Prioritization or Distribution logic.


  2. Define Priority Rules and Distribution Programs as appropriate.

NOTE: Person Accounts are a Salesforce feature that combines Accounts and Contacts into a single object type. The Person Accounts Pulse functionality will only be available to those customers that have Person Accounts enabled in their org.  

If Person Account records were previously synced to Velocify (prior to 19.3/19.4 upgrade), the following changes are suggested:

  • If you are not ready to specifically configure Person Accounts at time of Upgrade
    • Update Export Criteria to EXCLUDE Person Account Record Type ID
    • Update Priority Rules for Account object to exclude Account Record Type ID
    • Be sure to check the generic PRs like Upcoming Event
  • If the client is ready to start using Person Accounts
    • Configure the Person Object for use with Pulse
    • Do a touchmod to all Velocify synced Person accounts, so that the LM Object is properly updated from ‘Account’ to “Person Account’
      • As an FYI, in LM the Person Accounts will show as object Type = Account for any Person Account record that was synced prior to 19.3 upgrade.
    • Create appropriate Statuses, Actions, Priority Rules, Distro programs, etc. for use with Person Accounts

New ‘Create Event’ in Priority View for Lightning Users

This is intended for clients in the Lightning Experience. When the user selects ‘Create Event’ from the Take Action menu on the Priority View, a new Lightning modal will appear to create the event.


To Add the New Create Event in Priority View:

  • Add the new createEventAura to the Lightning App, associated with Velocify Pulse, as a utility item:


  • New Events associated with the Contact and Lead objects, or objects that use the WhoID, will populate the Name field for the associated record.


  • New Events associated with the Account and Opportunity objects, or objects that use the WhatID, will populate the Related To field for the associated record.


Ability to Hide Create Event from Priority View

This is intended for clients that have custom Lightning processes or pages. This is a setting that is controllable by the client.

  1. Go to Custom Settings – Pulse Enabled Features.


  2. Select ‘New”.


  3. Select ‘Disable Create Event’.


Support for Inbound Calls on Any Object (Not Just Lead)

Prior to this release, Pulse treated all new calls (where matching record did not exist in Salesforce) as a Lead. Pulse now supports any Velocify Configured Object for use with Inbound Calling.

  • Define which object are eligible for use with Inbound Calls and set the default Object type (Standard or Custom) that should be used to capture the caller’s information.
  • When an agent “wins” a Shotgun Inbound Call, they can then create the record under a different object if desired
    • Drop Down in Dial IQ Window is available to select a different Object
  1. From Velocify Admin> Communication>  Inbound Numbers, select Set Inbound Objects.



  1. Select the Velocify Configured objects available for Inbound Calls and set the Default.

  1. When a new Inbound Call is received, the user will be able to use the default object by simply clicking ‘Open’ to create the new record, or they can select an object from the drop-down.


Feature Enhancements

Sales Manager - View As Update

In addition to their users’ high-level metrics, managers will have the ability to view their users’ Priority Views.

Note that this is view only with all fields and buttons displayed in deactivated mode; managers will not be able to update their users’ content from this view.

To Access the View As Feature:

  1. Click the + icon on the menu to view All Tabs.

  2. On the All Tabs page, click Sales Manager.

  3. Click the View As link corresponding to the user for whom you want to see the details.

  4. On the View As page, review your user’s information.



  1. Click the arrow in each Priority Rule to expand the panel and view the details.

  2. On the expanded view, records that have pending issues are displayed with highlights.



  1. Place your cursor over the highlighted items to view the details of the issue. The following is a sample text for such issues:
    The record exists but is not owned by the user. Typically means an ownership desync between Salesforce and LM.
    In this case, the issue could have occurred due to deactivated Salesforce user, leads not assigned yet through distribution programs, and so on. You can take the necessary steps to fix the problem, such as updating your distribution program to ensure that leads are being assigned, working with Pulse customer support.
    NOTE: The highlighted records will be displayed to managers only when they are logged in as their user; if the user logs in, these highlighted records will not displayed. Also, managers can only view records when they are logged in as their user, and cannot update/manage any of the data on behalf of the user in this view.


  2. If your user has multiple views of objects assigned to them, you can use the drop-down list at the top of the Viewing as page to access a different view.


Support for Phone Number Extensions

Dial-IQ Phone Number fields now include an Ext field for the lead’s phone number extension.

NOTE: To access the Ext field, click the Velocify tab, open the HUD and click the Setting icon, and go to the Dial-IQ Phone Number field.




Inbound Call Metrics

A new Call Metrics section has been added to the Live Monitoring page (Top Right Side on Live Monitoring next to Total Users). These metrics provide information on Total Calls, Calls waiting to be answered, and average time a caller is On Hold.




  • Metrics refresh automatically
  • Average On Hold time is strictly Inbound Calls that are currently in queue (does not account for Dial IQ Transfer Hold Time)


Implement File Upload option when creating Voicemail

Users now have the option to upload a prerecorded voicemail message. This would be a file recording that would be played for a Lead/Prospect. This helps ensure consistency of messaging related to your corporate engagement strategy.

From the Dial-IQ Settings – Voicemail button, create a New Voicemail:




Fixed Issues

  • Resolved issue with missing scrollbars on Timeline Widget
  • Resolved issues with Velocify Admin> Settings> Sync Fields
    • Resolved issue to ensure the metadata for only selected Sync fields are created in the Velocify rules engine that prevented clients from being able to modify Sync Fields OR use the Copy Status page.
    • Resolved issue where ‘IsConverted’ Sync field on the Lead object could be unsynced by making this Sync Field Read-only.
  • Update the Email Composer (Nylas) settings to better support GSuite emailing.
  • The Velocify Validation Rule that makes the Status field Read Only to limit manual status changes was preventing Velocify actions from changing statuses. This only affects clients that use the Validation Rule and have the Custom Setting – Status Permissions Enabled for one or more of the following standard objects: Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity.
  • Sync to rules engine (LeadManager) failed after one of the synced fields was deleted in Salesforce


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