LeadManager 19.3 December Service Pack Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

New Custom Report for Audit Logs

Industry-standard audit functionality for Priority Queues and Distribution Programs is now available with this release. Examples of audited items include changes to program filters, user filters, enabled/disabled, and user max leads. Audit logs can be retrieved by administrators using the new Custom Report Base Data System Change Logs. Log results include Log Date, Change Type, Program Type, Program Name, Log Actor, Item Changed, the Previous Value, and the New Value. The report can be filtered by Log Actor and Log Date.

To create a system change log report:

  1. Log into LeadManager as an administrator.
  2. Click your name, and from the Reporting menu, click Custom Reports.




  1. Click the Create New Report button.


  2. From the Base Data drop-down field, select System Change Logs.



  1. In the Report Title field, type a name of the report.
    NOTE: This is a mandatory field.


  2. Click the Step 2 button.
  3. In the Add Filters window, go to Column> System Fields drop down field, and select one of the following values:
    • Log Actor
    • Log Date



  1. Select an operator, value, and then click the Save and Run button.



For more information on Custom Reports, see: 

LeadManager: Custom Reports: Detailed Review.



Call Recording Encryption

Starting with this release, you have the option to encrypt all call recordings for enhanced privacy and security.


NOTE: This feature is not available out of the box. Contact your Client Manager for setup and activation.




Usability Updates

Enlarged Selection Boxes

Prior to this release, the available for selection box and the selected items box on certain pages such as Manage Actions were of dissimilar sizes with readability issues.




Starting with this release, the Available <Items>, and the <Items Selected from the Available Items> boxes have been updated so that both the boxes are of the same size, and wider than earlier versions of the application, for an enhanced usability experience.

The selection boxes have also been updated to be dynamically responsive so that the boxes adjust their sizes according to the size of the browser window.






Drag and Drop Replaces Colored Up and Down Arrows

Prior to this release, Velocify admin-facing pages had blue and yellow arrows that you could click to move items up and down in a table.



Starting with this release, the arrows are being replaced with drag handles (six-dot icon) to indicate that the fields are draggable.



Additional Information

  • Similar to prior functionality, you cannot drag fields and drop them outside the group/section to which they originally belonged, or sections out of the groups to which they belonged.
    For example, in the screenshot below, when you drag the Date of Birth field listed under Borrower Details, you can only drop it to a location that is also within the Borrower Details section. If you attempt to drag and drop a field outside of its section, the field will move to the row closest to the section to which you wanted to move.
    NOTE: To move a field out of its section, use the Edit field option.


  • Groups and sections listed on the Form Builder page are expanded by default. You can collapse the panel for easier dragging and dropping.




  • You can also click the Collapse All button on top of the Form Builder page to collapse all panels.


  • To drag and drop rows, click the columns that do not include actions/links such as Edit, Delete.


  • Drag and drop on the script elements page will be available in a future release. All other admin pages with the arrows have been updated with this release.
  • Sample of admin pages where this feature has been enabled:
    • Form Builder
    • Lead Distribution
    • Lead Prioritization




SMS Updates

SMS Enhancements for Velocify by Ellie Mae 19.3 Release

The following SMS enhancements are included in this release:

  • Conversation with lead no longer displayed when lead is unassigned: When a lead is no longer assigned to you, existing conversation with the lead is deleted and an Agent is not assigned to the lead message displays.

  • Preview of New Messages: If you are in the SMS List View, and receive a new message, a preview of the message is displayed above the List View window.



  • You can click the notification/preview to go to the conversation to which the new message belongs.

  • Consolidate and improve SMS management, so that SMS-related features are treated as a single functional group



VEL-9392, VEL-2649, VEL-10140

Email Enhancements

Email Body Now Mandatory

Email body is now a mandatory field. If you attempt to send an email with a blank body, the following error message displays and you cannot send the email:

  • An email body must be specified for the chosen format.




Fixed Issues

SMS Issues

The following SMS-related issues have been fixed with this release:

  • Lead-specific searches in SMS window: Field tag functionality updated to now resolve to their proper values in all cases as expected.
  • SMS window displays an error message: SMS window has been enhanced and updated to eliminate this issue.
  • {User} field tag issues: Field tag functionality updated to now resolve to their proper values in all cases as expected.

VEL-9624, VEL-10151, VEL-2700

Email Issues

The following Email related issues have been fixed with this release:

  • Cancel Upon Status Change sent two emails: Email templates configured with Cancel Upon Status Change sent two emails if the lead moved back into the qualifying status. The first email was sent erroneously, when the lead status changed to qualify for “Cancel Upon Status Change”. The second email was sent when the “Cancel Upon Status Change” was not met, such as, when the lead moved to a status and stayed in that status and hence, the scheduled email did not need to be cancelled. This has been fixed so that the email is no longer sent erroneously.
  • {User} field tag issues: Field tag functionality updated to resolve to their proper values in all cases as expected.

VEL-8779, VEL-2700


Some inbound calls that were routed to the lead owner, were not displaying the user in Dial IQ reports. This has been fixed.


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